Wind Dancers was written with “the person on the go” in mind. Whether you are a commuter, a mother, or just too busy to sit down and read a whole book at one time, Wind Dancers affords you the opportunity to read a complete story or a few poems without taking a lot of time from a busy schedule. Wind Dancers is a varied collection of short stories and poems that you can read on the go or curled up by the fire on a cold winter’s day.

The stories range in time from the early 1900’s to the present day. There are stories of determination, of love, of mystery and intrigue, and of nostalgia. The heroines vary from strong women with tough decisions to make, to women who are discovering who they really are and what they are made of.

The poems are just as varied. There are topics that will tickle your funnybone, make you think about how we live today and make you long for yesterday. But mostly, there are thoughts from the heart, recorded forevermore in our book, Wind Dancers.

Included in Wind Dancers:
• The Little Time Machine – The year is 1916. Ida Owens boards a train for the first time in her sixteen years. It will take her to an adventure that will forever change her life.
• New Beginnings – Morgan Shelton faces the failures of past hopes and dreams when a divorce sends her home again.
• Angel’s Kiss – Sierra Martin is torn between her love for Matt and giving up her life’s dream. An almost deadly accident forces her to make a decision.
• Change Of Heart – Tory Holland’s brother is murdered because of something in his possession. Now, those assassins believe Tory has the unknown item. Will Detective Colt Adams be able to save her from the same fate?
• Wind Dancers – A skydiving accident leaves Katy Brannigan with amnesia and lost in the forest with Stone Michaels. Was it really an accident and is Stone a friend or foe?
• A variety of thoughts and feelings are expressed through poetry: national pride in 9-11, Proud Heritage and Rain Forest; family and home are recalled in Who’s The Child?, Christmastime, Angels On Earth and The Best Mother; Road Rage, Men!, Chocolate, Dreams, A Fleeting Thought and Masculine Gender are about frustration; Time and Memories and Old Movies are nostalgic; and Skiing is just plain fun!


Wind Dancers

Wind Dancers

(Written with Darlene McKeen)

ISBN: 0-595-25781-X (Pbk)

ISBN: 0-595-65329-4 (Cloth)

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My Sister Darlene McKeen and I at book signing .

Darlene McKeen

Darlene McKeen began writing poetry at age 11 but became more serious about it as a teenager. She currently resides in Bakersfield, California.

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