Sandra Farris

Kasey O'Brien's life has always been about airplanes; what makes them tick, what makes them fly. When her father's plane crashes into a Colorado mountainside, she takes over their failing air charter service and is determined to make it work.

On a charter flight with a passenger on board to Oregon's Briar Meadows Ranch, the left engine of Cimmaron Air's Beech Baron freezes up on final approach. Kasey has to set the plane down at the ranch without the aid of emergency services, thus earning her the nickname of "Lady Ace."

During inspection of the engine, Kasey discovers an oil line has been purposely cut and she is forced to stay at the ranch until a replacement can be flown in. While at the ranch, she is captivated by the earthy and entirely masculine foreman, Cort Navarro. But Kasey has to conquer the intrigue that surrounds Cort as well. What was he hiding?And what was next for Kasey? Since he had failed, would the saboteur make another attempt on her life-or was Kasey's passenger his target?

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Lady Ace

Lady Ace

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