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Corey James' young life is shattered one cold November night in 1919, when a car crash takes the life of her beloved parents. She is taken to live with a paternal uncle and his wife, whom she has never met. Corey's aunt is both physically and emotionally abusive; her uncle is unwilling to intervene. Corey has no recourse but to run away. Disguising herself as a boy and with the help of an old hobo, Andy Curruthers, she begins a journey that takes her on a series of adventures, both perilous and heart warming. As they ride the rails together, Andy helps restore Corey's self-esteem, teaches her about the importance of life and helps form the woman she becomes.

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Can You Hear The Music?

Can You Hear The Music?

ISBN: 0-595-30268-8 (pbk)

ISBN: 0-595-66144-0 (cloth)

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Can You Hear The Music? was the first book I wrote, but the second one published. It was written over a period of several years, between working full time, raising a family and, of course, all the rewrites. When I finished writing it I was both excited and sad. Excited because I had finally completed the book, but sad because it was like saying goodbye to old friends, as I had spent so much time with the characters.

Can You Hear The Music? came about after meeting several children who lost their parents through car accidents and who had to live with relatives or in an orphanage. One child was a five year old boy named Kenneth Bell who lived at Buckner’s Orphans Home in Dallas, Texas. I was attending Mesquite High School at the time and one Christmas, my Home Economics classmates and I each drew the name of a child living at the Home. Just before Christmas we went to the orphanage for the party, took our gift and spent some time with that child. This visit became one of my most cherished and heart tugging memories.

Years later, there were two young sisters who lived next door to me with their aunt and uncle. The aunt and uncle both were unkind to them, but not abusive. Corey James in Can You Hear The Music? is a combination of those sisters and Kenneth Bell. Her situation had to be much worse, though, to warrant her running away. The rest came from an over active imagination and lots of daydreaming.

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